About Me

Welcome to SpaceDavis.com! My name is Bruce Lockwood Davis, I am a native of Syracuse, New York and recently completed my Ph.D. at the University of Colorado in Aerospace Engineering. I have many interests; however my strongest passion would be in topics related to space such as policy, the engineering challenges, earth science, astronomy, the national prestige and most important - supporting exploration throughout our solar system and beyond.

This website was created as a place for me to document my interests, perspectives and projects. Of particular note, check out the Case for Space link to hear a few personal viewpoints on the state of the space industry and where we should head!



Reflection of 2013 in Spaceflight in my own words: When we look back 400 years, we ponder the risks and challenges that travelers faced when they braved the ocean. They explored in wooden boats less than one-hundred feet in length, had incomplete maps, crude navigation tools, and the mindset that not everyone would make it back alive. What will historians say about our generation 400 years from now? I hope we are reflected with a similar manner of amazement; just think...we traveled into space via small aluminum cans the size of a walk-in closet, used chemical rockets to escape Earth's gravity and only went as far as the inner solar system. This is our time to shape the future! -Bruce Davis


My dissertation research was recently focused on the front page of the American Physics Society and the University of Colorado Boulder! To read the stories please visit: The University of Colorado Boulder and American Physics Society