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The Great Outdoors

I love spending time outdoors and living in Colorado. I have balanced my free time by hiking (especially the 14,000' Colorado peaks), skiing and am just getting into rock climbing.

Past hikes worth documenting
Past trips worth documenting
Past rock climbs worth documenting
Favorite panoramas taken outdoors.

Note: Many of the pictures here are taken by my friends Ben, Amanda and Nevko, thanks for the good pics!


Tackled 14,000' Peaks: 46, (44 of the 58 Colorado Peaks or ~76%)

Sunshine Peak: 14,001'
One heck of a "short" mountain, with my friend Ben

Huron Peak
Huron Peak: 14,003'
The first 14er I ran (...well for the most part)

Mt of the Holy Cross
Mount of the Holy Cross: 14,005'
Hiked with my friend Ryan (pictured), two pitch 5.7 climb to the base of the Holy Cross Couloir, then 1200' right up to the top; this followed by an adrenaline filled glissade down Angelica's Couloir

Wetterhorn Peak
Wetterhorn Peak: 14,015'
Fun times climbing with Nevko!

Wilson Peak
Wilson Peak: 14,017'

Mount Redcloud
RedCloud: 14,034'
Red indeed

Mount Sherman
Mount Sherman: 14,036'
One heck of a long day through deep snow, unplowed roads led to a stuck car and a few extra miles of hiking, gotta love winter hikes

North Eolus: 14,050'
**Controversial 14er

Handies Peak: 14,048'
A fun Penn State Crew!

Sunlight Peak
Sunlight Peak: 14,059'
Now that's how you top off a 14er! This ending is a bit exposed. My friend Nevko is also in the picture (just below me in blue).

Mount Bierstadt
Mount Bierstadt: 14,060'
Hiked this with my brother (his first 14er) on his 16th Birthday

Conundrum Peak: 14,060'
**Controversial 14er

Humboldt Peak
Humbodlt Peak: 14,064'

Missouri Mountian
Missouri Mountian: 14,067'

Mount Columbia
Mount Columbia: 14,073'

Challenger Point
Challenger Point: 14,081'

Windom Peak
Windom Peak: 14,082'

Mt. Elous
Mt. Eolus: 14,083'

Snowmass Mtn
Snowmass Mtn: 14,092'
An awesome mountain and beautiful day... but a bit surreal upon later learning that we had passed a group involved in a serious accident on Hagerman's later that day. This area seems to attract trouble, climb with awareness.

Mount Democrat
Mount Democrat: 14,148'

Mount Oxford
Mount Oxford: 14,153'

Tabeguache Peak
Tabeguache Peak: 14,155'
Fun time with Sven! Matching attire was a bit random

El Diente
El Diente: 14,159'
Climbed this mountain with Eric Lee, his 14er finisher!

Kit Carson Peak
Kit Carson Peak: 14,165'

Mount Bross
Mount Bross: 14,172'

Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta: 14,179' (California)

Mount Yale
Mount Yale: 14,196'
Mt Harvard and Columbia in the background

Mount Belford
Mount Belford: 14,197'

Mount Princeton
Mount Princeton: 14,197'
Hardest part about this climb, me driving a manual transmission for the 2nd time ever from Monarch Pass... ended up parking at the lower parking lot, so 5k+ climb

Mount Shavano
Mount Shavano: 14,229'

Mount Cameron: 14,238'
**Controversial 14er

Mount Wilson
Mount Wilson: 14,246'

Long's Peak
Longs Peak: 14,255'

Mount Evans
Mount Evans: 14,264'

Quandary Peak
Quandry Peak: 14,265'

Castle Peak: 14,265'

Torrey's Peak
Torrey's Peak: 14,267'

Gray's Peak
Gray's Peak: 14,270' My first 14er

Mount Lincoln
Mount Lincoln: 14,286'

Uncompahgre Peak
Uncompahgre Peak: 14,309'
Wetterhorn peak in the background (climbed earlier the same day). My first solo 14er.

Uncompahgre Peak
La Plata Peak: 14,336'
Another snowy one!

Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier: 14,417' (Washington State)

Mount Harvard
Mount Harvard: 14,420'

Mount Massive
Mount Massive: 14,421'

Mount Elbert
Mount Elbert: 14,440
Went on a cool hike, Mt. Elbert: 2nd tallest mountian in 49 US States (all but Alaska) topping out at 14,440 ft.
It was a very clear day at the top and thus have some great pictures available here Pictures

**Controversial 14ers: Five 14ers which due to proximity of neighboring mountains, are considered "too easy" to be on the official list. I'm counting them in my list of 58.